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3 Types of Rescue Test Equipment


Overview of three types of rescue test equipment. Test equipment that measures the power supply and alarm device driving module inside the rescue tank


Hyundai Rotem Defense Technology Team

Delivery Date

December 2019


  • Gas purifier, ventilator, vehicle posture, smoke screen, chemical fire alarm, etc.
  • 1.8KW power supply, 1.5KW electronic load applied
  • Self-developed 1,024 channel board applied (insulation resistance, continuity, condition setting, etc.)
  • Save output waveform analysis (oscilloscope 2CH)


  • Equipped with a dedicated program developed by our company
  • User-friendly test operation schematic explanation
  • Equipped with repeat test and optional test function
  • Built-in login function to enhance security
  • Equipped with a function to print the report as PDF
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